Dismantling of mechanical parts is finalized at Unit 4 of Shardara HPP

Commissioning works completed at Unit №1 of Shardarinskaya HPP

Unit №1 demonstrates its first 120 hours of uninterrupted performance.

A new hydropower unit will be launched at the Shardara hydroelectric station before the end of 2018

The first of four new hydrounits will start functioning in December 2018.

Concreting of Unit No. 2 of Shardarinskaya HPP - stage 3

Concreting of Unit No.2 at Shardara HPP

CONCAP Group Company is recognized as the leader of the economy

LLP "Khozu "StroyInvest" Limited" was included in the list of the Top-enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan according to the National Business Rating and was given the status of "Leader of the Year 2017". It confirms the financial and economic success of the company and its high business reputation.